Willis Library: Second Floor

Noise Level: Social

This area is designated for casual use and lively group work. Expect busy spaces, conversations, and noise from electronic devices.

About This Space

Features a selection of study rooms perfect for collaboration and presentations. We also have computer workstations located on this floor.

Spring 2024, the Media Library has moved from Chilton Hall to th 2nd floor.

woman looking at her laptop

people sitting in chairs at a study table

people sitting at computer workstations

women sitting at a table with laptops


We have a print release station, scanner, and a courtesy phone for on-campus use on this floor. Adaptive equipment is temporarily available on this floor as well.

print release station with two chairs

scanner on a table

courtesy telephone hanging on a wall

Looking for a place to relax and meet up with friends? You can also find casual seating and study tables here.

woman sitting in a chair looking at her laptop

people sitting at study tables

people sitting at study tables and casual seating chairs

woman with headphones working on her laptop

Rooms for Studying, Collaboration, and Presentations