Willis Library: First Floor

Noise Level: Social

This area is designated for casual use and lively group work. Expect busy spaces, conversations, and noise from electronic devices.

About This Space

A popular study area, the first floor has comfortable casual seating, computer workstations, and study tables. This is where you’ll check out most books in Willis (except Music). Study with a group of friends and check out our featured monthly books and bestsellers on display, too.

woman and man sitting in the casual seating area

man at the student computer workstation

people at the computer workstation

people sitting in chairs at tables

The first floor can get pretty loud during peak hours of the day. Need something more quiet? The lower level is our designated “quiet” floor, and the third floor is typically pretty quiet, too.


We have a print release station, scanner, microform scanner, and assistive devices to meet your needs.

students at the printing release station

woman scanning a textbook

magnifying scanner with book and magnified screen text

Check out The Spark Makerspace to use our fabrication equipment, make textiles, check out cameras, laptops, and more.

man creating an object with the 3D printer

man creating an object with the 3D printer

Rooms for Classes and Other Special Events

willis 130
ROOM 130
(Classroom Instruction)

Additional Information

  • We have a lactation room available on this floor.

room with chairs, tables, and a lamp

computer workstations with four pieces of art above the stations

Regular Hours

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