Media Gaming Stations

Media Gaming Stations
The Media Library has console and PC Gaming stations available for individuals and groups.

The Media Library has console gaming stations available for individuals and groups wishing to play games in the Media Library, PC game stations for the study of games and gaming, in-house use of virtual reality devices, table space for study, board games, and projects. All stations can be reserved using LibCal.

PC Stations

These stations are under the same rules and regulations of the general access computers in all of the libraries: Public Workstations at the UNT Libraries. The Media Library does not offer support for the use of any of the software. If you encounter a software or hardware error you may inform the Media Library staff at the front desk and they will enter a help ticket to get it resolved. Station specifications are subject to variation and change, but should be 7th Generation or higher Intel Core CPUs with nVidia GTX 1080 or higher GPUs. Each machine has a Corsair mechanical keyboard, gaming mouse matched with a precision gaming surface. The stations are equipped with a dedicated gigabit network link attached to the campus fiber optic network for ultra-low latency online gaming. All stations have motorized adjustable desks to facilitate standing, sitting, and wheelchair access.

  • Remember to save your work and log out of all programs and the computer when you are finished.

Console Gaming Stations

The Media Library offers access to game console stations. Make a reservation here.

Virtual Reality Devices

The Media Library now offers the use of the virtual reality headsets in the library.

Usage Rules

  • There is a 4-hour time limit.
  • No Food or Drinks.

Gaming Events at the UNT Media Library

The UNT Library offers students the opportunity to get together and play. Check the UNT Library Calendar for events.