Disposition of Library Materials Policy

University Libraries, Unt Policy And Procedure Memorandum.


This policy provides guidelines for the disposition of library materials within the general collection whether acquired by purchase or by gift or exchange. This policy does not apply to rare or high value materials, government documents, special collections, or materials covered by the Music or Media Collection Development Policies.


  • Deteriorated Materials: any library materials that, through repeated use, are in poor physical condition beyond usable repair.
  • Disposition: the action of sending to UNT Surplus, selling, exchanging, or discarding any library materials.
  • Library Materials: any serials, monographs, or other non-rare materials in the library catalog or uncatalogued that have been purchased by or given as gifts to the UNT Libraries. This excludes any rare or high-value materials.
  • Superseded Materials: any library materials that are considered obsolete due to age, invalidity of information, or format, and have little to no historical value.
  • Excess Materials: duplicate copies of rarely used library materials. This could mean duplications of the same formats (e.g. print or electronic) or different formats.
  • Superfluous Materials: excess materials or materials that no longer support the curricula or research at UNT.


In order to meet the needs of University of North Texas students, staff, and faculty, the UNT Libraries seeks to maintain up-to-date, appropriate materials that are in good condition. All library materials owned by the UNT Libraries are property of the State of Texas, and as such, are subject to proper disposition. This policy provides guidelines for the appropriate disposition of library materials whether acquired by purchase, gift, or exchange.

Deselection of Materials

Because of the research status of the UNT Libraries, deselection, or removal of materials is done on a limited basis. Any such actions will be the responsibility of the Collection Development Department and the subject librarian in consultation with appropriate library departments. Types of materials that might be considered for deselection include, but are not limited to superseded materials, and deteriorated materials.

Superfluous Materials

The collection is regularly reviewed for condition and suitability, both to keep the materials relevant to the support of UNT curricula and research, and due to space limitations. Excess materials and materials not supporting current UNT curricula or research may be moved to Remote Storage or disposed of at the discretion of the Collection Management Division in consultation with the subject librarian.

Disposition Of Materials

Library materials, cataloged or uncatalogued, may be considered for disposition in accordance with all protocols pertaining to the disposition of State property within the state of Texas, see Texas Government Code Sec. 2175.304, and all regulations set forth by the UNT Policy on Asset Management. In accordance with these regulations and protocols, library materials that are deemed unsuitable for remote storage, sale, or exchange may be discarded at the discretion of the Head of Collection Development in consultation with appropriate library departments.


  • Created/Approved: 2/20/2018

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