UNT Manifesto: Expectations for Library Vendors

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The Collection Development Department, as a part of the Collection Management Division of the UNT Libraries, strives to practice excellent stewardship of funding for library materials. The Department values innovation in its work and seeks continually to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of services provided to patrons and communities. Our goal in writing this manifesto is to increase transparency and to communicate to stakeholders and vendors the challenges we face in the scholarly communications ecosystem.

The manifesto addresses:

  • Acquisition Models. Prior to a purchasing decision by a library, vendors must clearly and accurately describe purchase plans and content made available.
  • Contract Elements. Contracts must conform to all applicable Texas state laws.
  • Use Data. Usage data must be provided for all electronic resources and must be free of additional cost. Provision must be reflected in the contract or license.
  • Pricing. Vendors and customers must maintain a relationship through fair, transparent communication on the part of both parties. Vendors must engage in honest, flexible negotiation about pricing, open access, use rights, and content. Pricing models must be completely transparent and reflected accurately in the contract or license. Hidden fees must be disclosed. Profit margins must be reasonable, and annual price increases should remain predictable.
  • Usability & Accessibility. All resources must adhere to current Section 508 guidelines. Databases must not require proprietary logins to access key features.
  • Vendor Behavior. Vendors must clearly communicate with us regarding product contents, options for purchase, and pricing. Vendors must provide accurate, timely billing without unexpected increases in price. Vendors must meet professional standards of collegial and informative communication.
  • Privacy. Vendor privacy policies must be available upfront and understandable to users. The library and users must be notified of changes to these policies.
  • Future Directions. The UNT Libraries Collection Development Department describes potential areas for further development and action.
  • Appendixes. Additional details related to legal requirements, cooperative agreements, standards, guidelines, preferences and open access content.

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