Input Guidelines for Descriptive Metadata

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These are the current UNT Libraries’ guidelines for creating metadata, broken down by individual fields. They are based on a modified Dublin Core structure, but include more specific local instructions and precedents that wider standards do not address.

Field Guide

Each of the input guideline pages is divided into the following sections:

  • Element Name: Name of element that is used in the public display.
  • Definition: A brief statement that represents or defines the element.
  • Where Can the [Element] Information be Found?: Where to find the information for the field.
  • How [Element] Works in the Metadata Form: The kinds of fields in the element and whether or not the element repeats.
  • How Should the [Element] be Filled in?: Detailed usage notes, explanations, and clarifications of exceptions that facilitate understanding and practical application of the element.
  • Other Examples: Sample values for the field.
  • Comments: Additional information about the element, including intended use or how values may be obtained.
  • Resources: Links to relevant vocabularies or tools that may be useful for the particular field.

Metadata Input Guidelines: