Search Services for Missing Items

person reaching to books on a shelf
When books go missing on a shelf, we can look for it for you.

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If you are unable to locate an item on the shelf, you may request that we search for the item.

Before Making a Request

  1. Verify that you have the correct information about the item: correct call number, location, etc.
  2. Verify in the catalog that the item is not checked out. (It should say available)
  3. If the item is a book, score, or other item shelved in open stacks, look around where the item “should” be. It is possible the item is misshelved because of a mistake in grouping similar looking letters/numbers (O/Q, I/1, etc.).
  4. If the item is at the beginning or end of a row or shelf, look on the end/beginning of the previous/next row or shelf.
  5. Check the re-shelving areas for the item. It’s possible the item was recently returned and hasn’t made its way back into the stacks yet. There is a reshelving area located on each floor.

Making a Request

To make a search request you may do so at one of our services desk:

  • A valid ID is required.
  • Have information about the item such as the title & call number available.
  • Library personnel will attempt to locate it for you by searching for the item several times. You will be notified when the item is available by email.