UNT Special Collections 2021 Research Fellowship Awardee - Julia Wetzel

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UNT Special Collections 2021 Research Fellowship Awardee

Project Title

Astronomical Clocks and the Evolution of Ancient Cosmology in Gothic Architecture

Project Description

The project argues that the Zodiac constellations and mythology are translated into Medieval society along with their respective agricultural labors as symbols of time, and their representation in Astronomical clocks, allows the clocks to retain their religious function and symbolism, instead of being gallant possessions as previously thought. I demonstrate that the clocks are connected to other religious objects such as the cathedrals and Books of Hours, placing them in Gothic architecture and Christian art.


Julia Wetzel is a first year PhD student in the History department. Her research looks at Roman Cosmology in Premodern architecture and she consider herself an Architectural historian in the making. Julia is a Teaching Assistant in her department, and hopes to be a professor one day. She enjoys learning new things and working with material sources which she hopes to share in the classroom one day.