Portal Model 4 Project Steps

In this model, you are responsible for providing information about your collection, scanning your items and sending the digital images to us, and creating metadata. We process, upload, and digitally preserve your final content. Here are the steps for completing your project:

Before the project begins, you will:

View these steps as a printable checklist: Word | PDF

When your content reaches the Digital Projects Lab, we will:

  • Confirm delivery of shipped content
  • Evaluate digital files to ensure that they meet established Standards; communicate any problems to you
  • Create super-template for metadata
  • Complete upload of files to the Portal

After your project is uploaded, we will:

  • Notify you when your collection is available in the Portal
  • Return digital media (if applicable)
  • Set up your editing system account (user names and passwords)
  • Provide training on the Portal’s editing system for metadata records
  • Review your initial ten metadata records and provide feedback

After your project is uploaded, you will:

  • Create metadata records that comply with our Input Guidelines
  • Submit your first ten records to the Digital Projects Lab for review
  • Make any corrections required by the Lab and then create metadata records for your remaining items
      • Complete your metadata within 6 months if you have fewer than 500 items
      • Complete your metadata within 1 year if you have more than 500 items