Project Specific Guidelines and Documents

Pages linked from this list supplement the Input Guidelines for Descriptive Metadata by providing additional resources or guidelines related to particular collections:

Project-Specific Guidelines

Some collections in The Portal to Texas History and the UNT Digital Library present unique challenges for metadata creators. The following documents outline considerations for those materials with specialized content or formats and provide guidelines for appropriate data entry.

College of Music Recordings

COMR Metadata Creation Guide
Detailed input guidelines for metadata describing recordings of recitals in the UNT College of Music.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Metadata Implementation Guidelines for UNT ETDs
Recommendations for modification of the UNT Libraries’ metadata element set in light of the requirements of electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs). Includes discussion of best practices along with input guidelines specific to ETDs.

Texas Patent Project

Guidelines for Patent Metadata
Instructions for editing metadata for patents in The Portal to Texas History.

TRAIL Reports

TRAIL Metadata Creation Guide
Detailed input guidelines for metadata describing technical reports and materials in the TRAIL Collection.

Supplementary Metadata Pages

These pages provide additional information to assist editors in understanding how to complete metadata records in the Digital Collections.

Required Fields

Metadata for the UNT Libraries’ Digital Collections includes twenty-one possible fields, however some of these are optional while others are required in order to meet the expectations of a minimally-viable record.

Serials and Series

The UNT Libraries’ Digital Collections include a large number of serials and series. This Serials and Series page lays out specific examples about how we typically handle metadata for these items to maintain consistency.

Creator & Contributor Definitions

Additional information to help editors determine when an agent should be entered as a creator or contributor.

Primary Source Definitions

Scholars’ Definitions of primary sources, to assist in determining whether or not an item is a primary source.

About Entering Metadata

This page for our partners describes the workflow process of completing metadata in the Digital Collections rather than instructions for entering metadata.