Data Lifecycle Consulting Team: Contact Us

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The UNT Libraries have taken a team approach for data management services, leveraging experience from a variety of areas in order to provide data management assistance throughout the research data cycle.


To request a consultation on a data management plan, please contact


For other questions or assistance with managing your research data, see the contacts below:

John Martin
Director of Scholarly Communication
UNT Libraries | Research Support Services
(940) 565-3980

  • Assistance with using the DMPTool
  • Provide information on funding agency policies & requirements
  • Consulting on copyright and licensing for scholarly output
  • Assistance with publishing agreements and rights management

Daniel Alemneh
Digital Curation Coordinator
UNT Libraries | Digital Curation Unit
(940) 891-6703

  • Consulting on permissions, preservation, and access
  • Assistance with submitting research output to UNT Data Repository and UNT Scholarly Works
  • Advice on data formats and metadata standards

Other Questions

If you have specific questions about using data, data tools, database design & management, security, or other technological issues, please contact IT Services at UNT or the distributed IT services department for your area.