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Aquiline Books (formerly Eagle Editions) is an imprint of the UNT Libraries designed for works of scholarship, both new and reissued, from the UNT community. All publications from Aquiline Books are freely available to read online, and some are also available in print, as e-books, or both. See our catalog of published books.

The publication of books under the Aquiline Books imprint has been suspended due to staff availability. Some alternatives for sharing your scholarship are offered below:

  • Those seeking a publisher offering peer review plus editorial and design services might consider submitting a proposal to a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association.
  • Members of the UNT community not needing editorial support and wanting to publish a textbook or work of scholarship with free, online-only distribution might consider the UNT Open Books platform. For more information on this service, contact
  • Alternatively, members of the UNT community interested in sharing their scholarship freely online are welcome to submit their work to UNT Scholarly Works.
  • Those interested only in self-distributing a book should consider options for printing and distributing and e-book distribution options. If you have questions, you are invited to contact Ron Chrisman, director of the UNT Press.