Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

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Posted: 01/30/2017

Theodor Geisel, known more commonly by his pseudonym Dr. Seuss, was a beloved author and illustrator. Born on March 2, 1904, he created more than 60 books over the course of his career. His birthday marks a nationwide celebration of reading and spurred the creation of Read Across America, an annual reading awareness and motivation effort from the National Education Association.

UNT Libraries can help you learn all about the beloved bard:

Geisel dedicated his life to creating works that told a story, usually containing hidden layers of meaning beneath a fun, colorful exterior. He created numerous political cartoons before and during WWII, criticizing Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime. Other famous works, such as The Lorax and Horton Hears a Who, have been interpreted as carrying pro-environment and anti-discriminatory messages, respectively.

Although his books were written for children, Geisel had a complicated life. He graduated from Dartmouth, lived through the suicide of his first wife, remarried, and never had any children of his own. He died in 1991 at his home in La Jolla, California, but his legacy lives on.

Geisel’s books, cartoons, and stories captivated children for decades, and that same spirit is now echoed in Read Across America. This program provides parents, educators, and caregivers with resources to encourage children to read and love reading since May 1997.