UNT Libraries: The Final Frontier

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The beloved sci-fi classic Star Trek has indeed lived long and prospered.

September 8, 2016 marked fifty years since the first episode was broadcast on NBC. Trekkies around the world are celebrating the occasion, all the way from the International Space Station to all the people on Twitter posing their well-wishes to the [#StarTrek50][] hashtag.

You too can celebrate Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary with the Trekkies here at the UNT Libraries.

  • Explore the nearly 550 Star Trek-related items in the Library Catalog.
  • Relive the series, the movies, and related films with the Media Library.
  • Check out all the scholarly books that analyze Star Trek and its influence on our culture.
  • Listen to the Music Library’s vast collection of music from and inspired by the franchise.
  • Travel at warp speed into the past and check out the Digital Collections’ Star Trek photos, memorabilia, newspaper articles, and more!