Dean's Innovation Grant 2016: The TX-Gender Project for Libraries – Phase II

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The University of North Texas Libraries’ Dean’s Innovation Grant, formerly known as the Green Light To Greatness Award, provides funding to research and projects within the UNT Libraries that promote scholarship and contribute to the gathering of knowledge that helps improve our libraries, our university, and the community.

Dean’s Innovation Grant 2016 Awardees

Julie Leuzinger, Jennifer Rowe, Spencer Keralis, Kathleen Hobson, K.R. Roberto​

Project Title

The TX-Gender Project for Libraries – Phase II

Project Description

The first phase of this project focused largely on research and examining the relationships between libraries and their transgender patrons. In this second phase of the TX-Gender Project for Libraries, researchers explored how to better serve UNT’s transgender population by conducting focus groups and equipping librarians with the tools to make library resources accessible to everyone. It is centered on understanding this relationship between the Texas transgender community and librarians, specifically perceptions and information-seeking behaviors.

Contributor Biographies

Julie Leuzinger is the Department Head for the University Libraries Learning Services. She holds a master’s degree from Texas Woman’s University in Library Science.

Jennifer Rowe is the Social Sciences and Community Engagement Librarian for the University Libraries Government Information Connection. She has a Master of Library Science from UNT.

Spencer Keralis, Ph.D. is the Digital Humanities Coordinator for University Libraries Public Services. He has a Ph.D. in English and American Literature and a Master of Arts in English and American literature, both from New York University.

Kathleen Hobson is the Director for the UNT Pride Alliance. She and Mr. Roberto both served as advisors and assisted in data analysis.

K.R. Roberto works in the College of Information at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He and Ms. Hobson both served as advisors to this project and assisted in data analysis.