UNT Scholarly Works Outstanding Contributor Award 2013 Winners

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About the Award

This award recognizes a researcher who has made significant contributions to the UNT Scholarly Works institutional repository over the last year (April 1st 2012 through March 31st 2013). Significance is determined by a variety of characteristics including: donating the entirety, or a major portion, of a researcher’s scholarly corpus; donating a large number of individual titles; or donating research materials that demonstrate a significant scientific advance or societal impact. Employees of the UNT Libraries are ineligible for this award.

2013 Winners

Dr. William Acree

Dr. William Acree is the chair and a professor in the UNT Chemistry Department. His research interests include solution thermodynamics, development of linear free energy relationships to describe partitioning phenomena of analytical, environmental, and biological importance, chromatographic separations on novel liquid crystalline stationary phases, and photophysical properties of large, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). His work involves a wide range of experimental and computational methods, including spectroscopy, chromatography, polarizing light microscopy, densimetry, and principal component analysis. Dr. William Acree’s research work is available in the UNT Scholarly Works institutional repository.

Dr. Susan Brown Eve

Dr. Susan Brown Eve is the associate dean of the UNT Honors College and a professor in the UNT Sociology and Applied Gerontology Department. Her research interests include access to healthcare services among vulnerable populations including older adults, children, victims of domestic violence, the poor, and the uninsured in the United States. She is the editor of a collected volume of original research on the health care systems of the United States, Great Britain, and Canada entitled The Canadian Health Care System: Lessons for the United States, Lanham, MD: University Press of America (1995). Dr. Susan Eve’s research work is available in the UNT Scholarly Works institutional repository.