Mean Green Mapped

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The Project

The University of North Texas Libraries are proud to unveil Mean Green Mapped!

Mean Green Mapped is an interactive web map utilizing GIS software to illustrate UNT’s history through photographs and other media. Using historic maps, aerials and photographs, we seek to generate interest in the resources available at UNT Libraries and to commemorate UNT’s 125 years of service to students and community. Using the ArcGIS Online platform, visitors will be able to see points of buildings, both existing and historic, in their place in time with historic and modern photographs. Additionally, historic maps dating back to 1891 and aerial photography captured as early as the 1940s will further demonstrate how campus has evolved over time. This particular presentation of UNT’s resources has not been attempted before. Hopefully, you will enjoy your visit!

Continuing Work

There are many avenues of research as well as sources for new, relevant materials for this project. We will continue to explore and expand resources as they are identified. We also acknowledge that there may be gaps in the data or conflicting information based upon what we currently have digitized. This project is intended to be a living document that brings together the collective resources of the UNT Libraries, alumni and the Denton community. For example, in the next phase of the project, one element we would like to include is music samples to enrich the photography and maps we already have since UNT has a world-renowned music program, notably jazz.

Additional maps that were not able to be georeferenced for the web map are:

Bulletin of NTSU, 1968

Bulletin of NTSU, 1976

UNT Campus Map, 1999

UNT Campus and Parking Map, 2014-2015

Tell Us More

If you have photographs or stories you would like to share, please contact In fact, the more contributions we have, the more interesting Mean Green Mapped will be! We look forward to hearing from you.

Project Team

Roberta Sittel – Head, Eagle Commons Library and Government Documents Librarian

Douglas Burns – GIS Librarian

Arya Hackney – GIS Student Assistant

Garret Rumohr – Web Services System Administrator


Historical information, data, maps, and photography are provided by UNT Libraries, with a special thanks to the UNT Libraries Special Collections team for providing access to archival materials.

The UNT Libraries Digital Projects Unit provided assistance by digitizing archival materials, which will be made publicly available on the Portal to Texas History.

Modern photography has been provided by UNT’s Division of University Relations, Communications and Marketing (URCM).

Hardware and software support has been provided by UNT Libraries Technology and Computer Operations (Lib-TACO) and UNT Facilities.

Support for Mean Green Mapped has also come from a 2015 Green Light to Greatness grant award.


Software utilized to support this project includes: ArcMap 10.3, ArcServer 10.3, ArcGIS Online (Organizational Account) and GlobalMapper 16.2.


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Please Note

Please note that, while every effort was made to ensure accuracy of data, the quality of information varies and accuracy cannot be guaranteed.