Media Library Collections

Gaming Collection

The UNT Media Library began collecting video games in the Fall of 2009 in support of video game, mass media and popular culture research, and studies at the University of North Texas. In January 2010, circulation began of both video games and consoles to the UNT community.

Gordon Knox Film Collection

The Gordon Knox Film Collections contains over 100 films created by Texas-born filmmaker Gordon Knox (1906 – 1992) or Mr. Knox’s production company, The Princeton Film Center. The collection contains short and feature-length documentaries produced between 1937 and 1964 for the United States Armed Forces, state and federal government agencies, non-profit organizations and private sector clients. Currently, 67 films in the Gordon Knox collection are available through the UNT Digital Library.

Media Library General Collection

Established in 1976, the Media Library collection contains materials covering all academic disciplines and all genres of film in a variety of formats. The collection numbers over 18,000 DVDs, 15,000 videotapes, over 900 video & tabletop games, 900 laser discs, 2,000 reels of motion picture film, 2,100 filmstrips, 2,000 audio cassettes and audio CDs, 200 CD-ROMs, and 36,000 individual slides. The Libraries also manage access to over 20,000 online videos.

Online Media

The UNT Libraries provides current UNT students, faculty and staff with access to hundreds of educational films that can be viewed entirely online. By making these films available online for anytime/anywhere access, the Libraries continue to improve the support of distance, hybrid and traditional education at UNT.