Metadata Input Guidelines: Collection

Element Name



Collection refers to a larger group of resources with a unique collective title to which the resource being described belongs.

Where Can the Collection Information be Found?

This information comes from the institution or from the project manager

How Collection Works in the Metadata Form

1. Collection name – drop-down menu
Yes - to include multiple collections, click ‘Add’ to repeat the field
Yes (more information)

How Should the Collection be Filled in?

Guideline Example
STAR - Star of the Republic Museum Objects
  • When relevant, include multiple collections
CONVAIR - Convair/General Dynamics Newsletters
WWII - World War Two Collection
  • It is important that the correct collection name(s) be entered for the item

Other Examples

Photograph: Perini Well #1 Coming In
Collection: ABPHC - Abilene Photograph Collection
Rare book: Rhymes, for infant minds
Collection: UNTRB - Rare Book and Texana Collections
Pamphlet: Control of sugar-beet nematode by crop rotation.
Collection: ATOZ - Government Documents A to Z Digitization Project
Collection: USDAFB - USDA Farmers’ Bulletins
1936 General Highway Map of Bosque County, Texas
Collection: SG07 - Rescuing Texas History, 2007
Music USA Recording Schedule, 1962-1973
Collection: MLCC - Music Library Conover Collection
Newspaper issue: The Caldwell News and the Burleson County Ledger (Caldwell, Tex.), Vol. 64, No. 45, Ed. 1 Friday, June 8, 1951
Collection: TDNP - Texas Digital Newspaper Program
Collection: CNBCL - Caldwell News and Burleson County Ledger
Collection: TFG - Tocker Foundation Grant


  • Collections are determined based on a large group of related items, intended to facilitate browsing, such as:
    • Topical groupings
    • Historic events
    • Serial sets – especially full runs of a publication during which the title changes
    • Projects sponsored by a grant or special funding
  • In some cases, all items from one institution may also belong to a single collection, however, large, distinctive groups may have their own collection
  • Although some archival collections may have a corresponding “collection,” small collections or archival series may also be represented as series titles


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